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2007 Chrysler town and country noise

The van makes a noise not sure if from engine but it sounds like a humming noise on when in drive. If I’m on the road no noise only when Completely stopped. It doesn’t do it on neutral or reverse. What could it be.

The transmission solenoids can make a buzzing noise.

So when you are stopped like at a stop sign , in D, and your foot is on the brakes, that’s when you hear this noise? hmm … my guess is you have some kind of exhaust system rattle going on there. You’ve got the engine trying to move the car, and the brakes preventing it from moving. The classic unstoppable force vs immovable object problem. That duel between the engine and brakes will cause complaints from the car sometimes, and often it shows up as some exhaust component or another rattling. The cat heat shield is the first place to look.

Well It’s not a rattle it’s more of a humming noise. I noticed that when I turn the steering wheel while stopped the noise also stops

Have you checked your fluids once a month or every other fill-up? How is the power steering fluid?

Power steering pump.

Yeah I started to. Look into into and a lot of people gave the same complaints about this vehicle starting from the 2000 models. Looks like the power steering wasn’t that great. I’m going to check it and I’ll post what happens.

It sounds like you’re going to have to Sherlock it a bit to get to the bottom of what’s causing the hum. The good news is that is happens when the vehicle isn’t moving. Recruit a helper who’ll idle the vehicle in drive and braked while you walk around and try to narrow down where the sound is coming from. Try a length of old garden hose as a sort of stethoscope to better isolate the location of the sound source. Until you decipher the source location, you won’t have much luck at a fix.