Question about changing engine coolant, 2002 Prius

I recently got a 2002 Prius with around 55,000 miles on it. Being the obsessive compulsive person I am, I changed the plugs, engine oil, transaxle oil, and lastly- the radiator fluid. I’m leaving the inverter fluid to the pros because if you leave air pockets in it,it will overheat.

Anyhow, I sort of goofed. I don’t have a shop manual for the car ( yet) but figured that the procedure for changing the fluid in the radiator was similar to regular cars. So I drained, flushed it out, and refilled. I also partially overfilled the reservoir container to compensate for air bubbles that might burp out later. So I figured- hey, no sweat. Its changed.

But… I later read that there’s some sort of thermos mechanism in the coolant system that shouldn’t be run dry. So my question is, will I be A-ok to simply drive the car and let all the air escape or is there some air bleeding procedure I should’ve undertaken?


I answered my own question.Turns out this one ( the old Prius) is like most other cars. Just let er’ run,warm up, and the air will eventually work its way out. Then top it off and your done. goodie!