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Oil in radiator

Help! I was groggy this morning and put a little bit of oil in the radiator instead of the oil tank before I realized my mistake. I suctioned most of it out. What do I do now?

Did you put the oil directly into the radiator or into the overflow container? If you put it in the overflow you can remove the container and clean it.

If you only added a small amount of oil I wouldn’t worry about it. If you put a whole quart in I’d consider a coolant change just to be on the safe side.

I’m curious what kind of vehicle has an oil tank. (?)

McParadise’s advice is good. Did you run the engine after that to circulate the oil? If so, follow up your cleaning of the overflow with half a cup of Calgon or other NON-FOAMING dishwasher detergent before the coolant change. Run it till warm. Lather, rinse with straight water, repeat as necessary.

It was only a tiny bit but it was directly in… I guess I should probably get it changed… Thanks for replying!

I did reply but it’s not showing… I didn’t run the engine… Thanks!!!