Mercedes E320 1998 Transmission?

I have a 1998 MB E320. This car has been babied. Premium fuel only, synthetic oil , regular tune ups.

Everything was running fine. Suddenly the car stopped shifting gears. I was driving along at 35mph, and as I slowed down, I noticed it wasn’t shifting gear. I came to a stop, then when I hit the gas again it took a while to go, just like it was stuck in 3rd gear or so. Auto transmission of course. Next morning I started it up again. It shifted into 1st, I thought Great!. Problem was, it stayed in 1st.

I took the car to a shop recommended by my lube place. They said they tested a sensor and that wasn’t it, then they said it will probably need a complete rebuild on the transmission. He started asking how long I wanted the car to run, saying it is going to be really expensive. He hasn’t given me a price yet.

Should I get a second opinion? Seems to me, the car was running perfectly one minute, then something went wrong. Seems like it would be a electrical problem. If it was mechanical , wouldn’t I have noticed it ahead of time?

I’m no tech but I would advise you to get at least two more opinions before deciding what to do.

This could be a very expensive repair or perhaps a $40-$60 oil and filter change to get rid of dirt form a possible worn solenoid.

Don’t use a Quicky Lube for oil changes for this vehicle. Find a reputable independent shop.