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Puzzlers need to be Google Proof

Seems many of the puzzler answers can be found by “googling”… via past shows, wiki, … etc. Can the great minds of car talk create puzzlers that cannot be Googled? IS there so much information out on the web that all answers can be found via google?

Agree, but that is a really tough challenge. The great puzzlers continually recycle and improve upon previous puzzles, which makes it hard to come up ones that won’t show up in a google search. Personally I like to try to solve them myself and maybe mid-week google if it’s driving me nuts. I’m actually pretty impressed if I can’t find something that gets me to the answer.
It isn’t really a problem unless you are concerned about the integrity of the prizes. I’ve never submitted an answer so that doesn’t bother me.

It’s just for fun, no need to go to any great lenghts here…

“Can the great minds of car talk create puzzlers that cannot be Googled?” Keeping in mind that they claim most of the Puzzlers are submitted by listeners and that most of them are reruns anyway, I question whether “the great minds of car talk” can create Puzzlers at all.

Think of the Puzzler as a test of your self-discipline.

Take your own challenge: Find something that you can’t learn about with a Google search, and submit it as a puzzler suggestion.

Well, if a person wants to spend the time “googling” for the correct answer in order to get a chance for a free $26 gift certificate, more power to the person.