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Puzzler puzzler

Something I just read (can’t tell you what without spoiling the puzzle) reminded of an old cartalk puzzle:

At an antique auction, one of the items that came up for sale was a child’s sled. It was a hand-made sled, a wooden sled that the auctioneer claimed was made by none other than George Washington himself.

The auctioneer turned the sled over and read the following inscription carved into one of the wooden slats:
G. Washington, September 10, 1752.

However, someone in the crowd stood up and said it’s a fake. How did that person know?


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My guess, there was no September 10 in 1752, it was during the period when we adjusted from one calendar to another.

The Gregorian calendar was first proposed in 1582 and adopted in 1752.

Mike, different countries adapted it at (very) different times.

Spain was first at 1582
British empire, including US in 1752
(Wednesday, 2 September 1752, was followed by Thursday, 14 September 1752)
Sweden in 1753
Bulgaria in 1916
Greece in 1923

I can’t imagine how people kept track of international dates in that interval from 1582 to 1923 !!

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