Puzzled with dashboard failure

I am trying to minimize cost of repair and ensure I have an honest assessment of my vehicle. I also need to get the vehicle inspected very soon.

Any help will be greatly (financially) helpful.

I have a 2004 Volvo XC70.

It now has 80,000 miles.

I recently experienced a problem that the warning lights come on

Urgent Service SRS

Brake failure Stop care safely

After a short period of time the dash goes completely blank except for the check engine light…Which is related to a very small vapor leak (as per the electronic reader). I can get the code numbers if you need them for more info. I was able to reset the check engine light; however, the other warnings come on intermittently and the dash goes dark always.

Before I go to a mechanic I would like to know what I may truly be dealing with. I and my brother in law work with vehicles and can (and have done) most of the work to maintain the vehicle; however, we are at a loss for technical experience.

How can I test and check for possible problems?

What could be the possible problems, so I can check?

Is it a computer issue?

The car drives fine and the breaks work fine. I have driven for 20 plus years without ABS/SRS systems. Is it possible to bypass so I can continue to drive and get the vehicle to pass inspection?

What manuals can I get to help me work the problem?

Hi, I’m not going to help you, just keep you company. I have the same care; I had the exact same thing happen last week, and I’m trying to get an answer. My (former) mechanic says there is nothing wrong with my car. I had driven highway for an hour at 70 - 75 mph, and had just pulled on off and going at 35 mph, thank god. I scared the heck out of me. All lights are now off except the SRS service warning. Love my care, but don’t trust it now. Somebody suggested that the alternator wasn’t sending enough electricity to the computer after it heated up. He had the same issue, but not on a Volvo. Had the alternator replaced. Don’t know if that’s the problem here. Already spend a good chunk of money for nothing. Hope somebody has an answer. If I find one, I’ll get back