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Putting my car in neutral saves the day. But thats not a solution

I recently acquired a family car and have been experiencing some strange symptoms while driving. The car starts no matter how cold it was in Chicago this winter BUT after a few miles/10 minutes of driving the issue starts. As I approach or stop it begins to idol/rev up a few times and then die UNLESS I throw it into neutral. When I first start driving this is not an issue but without failure it starts to act up. Parking in the city = guaranteed to die at least twice in the process. Please help explain! This 1994 Topaz did sit unused or started most of the past 5 years.

Get rid of that thing, and not just because of its current problem. I had that problem once on the 87 Tempo and changed the throttle positioner for $150. It solved the runaway throttle problem. The same parts change may not fix your car.

The Topaz is way below any standard that I would choose for my safety. If you have to keep it, get the front end aligned and checked soon.

The next time you feel the engine is about to stall, with your left foot on the brake pedal slightly tip into the throttle with your right foot. If doing this prevents the engine from stalling the problem is with the Idle Air Control valve.