Purge Valve

I have a 1998 SAAB 900, 4 cyl engine with 130,000 miles. Good car overall except for one problem.

1. The engine likes to stop while idling at a stop light. Sometimes it doesn’t but then it will fastidle and then go back to idle and then just stop. It starts right up again but it is a nuisance.

My mechanic suggest to replace the “Purge Valve”. What is that and is that a good solution?

Another expert I counselled with said, “Oh, you have one of those”. That was not real comforting to hear.

Has anyone experienced this situation and how solved.

Is the CEL on? If so, get the codes read, and post the code here. It will be in the format like P0131.

I would not start throwing parts at it, and hope the problem goes away. This can get very expensive very fast, and still not fix it.