Purchasing used car: is missing the model number "A6" usually on the trunk. Should I be concerned?



Nothing else seems out of order. Buying from a car broker. All orignal books, manuals, paperwork, CarFax is clean.

Buying used Audi 2005 A6.


I have an A4 and it never dad the number.

I would suggest that, as you likely have guessed it may have had a damaged trunk, but that in itself would not prevent me from buying a car.




Do they have an explanation for the missing “A6?” By itself this is no big deal, but it would be interesting to know what they say.


If I had to guess some idiot kid stole it. Used to be a big problem with people stealing Cadillac and BMW hood ornaments. Now they’re stealing just about any decal/emblem off a car, often times to stick on their own car in a sad attempt to convince people that their Kia is a BMW or some such nonsense :wink:

I wouldn’t be overly worried about this myself, provided its carfax comes up clean.