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Purchasing a 2002 Ford Focus SVT

Hi Guy’s, Im thinking of purchasing a 2002 Ford Focus SVT with 85,000 miles. Owned by an older gentleman. Original owner. What are your thoughts on this?

You expect an answer with so little information. Since it is an older gentleman he must have never smoked the tires in a burnout and this must be a pristine car. So, of course you must have it.

Too funny! Your right, I did not give much info so here it goes. The SVT was used to commute in freeway miles between Canton, Michigan and Dearborn, Michigan. Driving on I-94 both ways. Non-Smoker, No dirt roads, Has been driven in Michigan winters with a separate set of Snow tires and rims. How about that?

The SVT means some specialty parts on the suspension and perhaps the engine. That willl make some repairs more costly. Base Focus is pretty reliable, and haven’t heard of any issues with the SVT, although there are fewer on the road.

If the car was maintained properly, have it inspected by the mechanic of your choice. If all looks good it will be more fun than the run of the mill Focus.

The biggest question is actually the maintenance history of the car - and by that is meant a lot more than just oil changes. Make model and “type” of owner take a back seat to that.

So does the “older gentleman” have all of his service records? What kind of shop(s) have done maintenance & repair on the car? If you compare his service records to the recommended service stuff in the manual does it look like everything necessary has been done? Did it at least get full 30 & 60K service procedures?

It is probably due for a timing belt (I’m guessing 90K) - figure in $6-800 more that you will spend very soon.

It’s a sound car provided it was well maintained, and a worthwhile purchase for the right price. Assuming it was meticulously cared for, it should give you good service. You could do a lot worse.

Hi All, Great info/advice!!! The car has all maintenance records and had extended warranty from the mfr up to this year. This does not mean it was maintained well. I will check on the records as well when I go to look.

I just checked and the Gates timing belt guide (sort of the “bible” for such things), and it gives you until 120K miles on the belt. So you still have a good 35K to go before dealing with it.

That’s great info! Im going to be using it as my commuter car. 34 miles round trip. I cannot drive my F-250 cargo van. Cost too much on fuel and is doing a number on my back. The person who has the SVT for sale is a co-workers brother-in-law. He told me his brother in law has only used the car for commuting but I take that with a grain of salt until I see the records and the car.

One problem though cigroller, there is also a time frame in which to change it. Since this is an 02, it’s time to change it based on time elapsed.

You are absolutely right - my bad for not mentioning that. My Gates guide lists mileage only - no time. Presumably it will be in the service manual for the car.

That’s a good one. In college I had an '87 Nissan Sentra. Forgot to look at the mileage chart for the timing belt. It went right when the manual said it would. I got lucky, $125 repair. I guess I better call the dealership to find out how much it will cost to replace. Knock the amount off the price of the car.