Purchased a Prius. Smart Buy?


I recently purchased an 07 prius (pkg 3)with cash. The driving factor was that I would make up the cost difference compared with Nissan Sentra in years to come with the extra gas savings. It was mainly purchased for my wife who drives City driving 60 miles round trip, 5 days a week. My previous car was an 1990 camry and had many trouble free miles on it. This being said I was also partial to the toyota. My question is, in the eyes of others did I make the right choice? I felt with paying off the vehicle in full I would be saving more in the long run. A diesel was an option as well, however thought the repair costs may set me back. Any input please. Thanks


If you’ve done the math correctly (using the MPG that people are getting under real-world conditions), if you’re comfortable that the batteries will hold up over time as claimed, and if the styling and image of the car don’t bother you, then enjoy it and don’t look back.


I never did think we would get the posted millage. We are getting about 47 combined on the first tank and calculated actual to be 45. Not bad I feel. I am ok with the batteries as well. I feel they will last for a very long time and replacements will be cheaper down the road. The look is ok, not really crazy about it. I just thought longevity wise I would be saving more in the long run.


I would say you have made a good choice. I am not a real fan of the current hybrids, but I don’t knock them either. Don’t expect to get the fuel economy that the sticker would suggest. All current cars tend to get less than the sticker and it is a little more true of hybrids. However that city driving will mean you should do better than most any other alternatives. Those sticker mileage figures should be mush more truthful next year.

The other half of the deal is reliability and your new car should do well there also.

Good Luck


The Prius would figure at 45 miles gal and Sentra at 32 miles gal. Differece of 13 miles gal. Gas price figured at $2.89 gal. Price difference between the two is $9,000 more for the prius. I guess I thought the prius would get better millage. Looks like the Sentra may have been the better moove?


If you’re doing mostly city driving, that’s where a hybrid shines. The Sentra will get much less than 32mpg in straight city driving.