Pump gas slower gets more fuel in car?

Does pumping fuel extremely slow get more gas in your tank?

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That’s what I was taught by my truck driver father. He said slow filling results in fewer air bubbles. As I’ve said before, the next fill up is guaranteed to cost more, so I want to get in as much as possible at today’s price.

I’m gonna second NYBo on this one.

MAYBE, and that’s a big maybe, if you’re filling 100 gallons, it might make a small difference. Really small.

I agree with you NYBo, it really is time for you to stop.

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Any bubbles created while filling the tank go away pretty quickly. Pour gasoline into a bowl and watch, they don’t last.

I fill my tank as full as I can get it, every time. As I’m pumping the fuel I usually lean against the car. When the pump clicks off I jostle the car as I lean on it, then finish filling. If there’s any air pockets left in there, they’re insignificant.

I read once somewhere that, supposedly, pumping gas at the quickest flow rate causes some of it to vaporize, and that you’ll get a little more gas if you simply pump it slower.

I put it down as BS.

It’s likely to get gasoline into places you don’t want it to be ---- like vent lines and the charcoal canister.

Truckers may have plausible reason to lay this claim as diesel fuel does foam much more than gasoline during pumping.

Yea, with a diesel it will foam as you fill it. You can not worry about getting that last few drops in there or allow it time to settle and continue filling or fill really slow. It was less of a problem years ago when diesel cars like mine used the truck nozzles, they are larger and created less foam, the smaller car size nozzles tend to make more foam.

Yea, it is a real non-issue. Why worry about it.

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