Pt cruiser

Can Pt cruisers be made higher by addin aftermarket shocks and or springs

Yes, but doing so will ruin the vehicle’s handling dynamics. Why would you want to do this?

I am looking to buy a couple of these vehics and export them to Vanuatu, where i live in the pacific, ourroads are very bad and undercarriage of vehicles is very often damaged.

Unless there is good parts and repair support for these vehicles in Vanuatu, I think that you should look at something else for import. The PT Cruiser is not noted for very good reliability or durability.

we do have our own mechanical workshop as we are a rental company and i had my heart set on a couple of these for promotional cars, a couple of the convertibles would certainly look good here where most of our 5,000(only) vehicles in the country are pretty utiliterian and mainly from korea, so i thoght if we stegthened up the underbody they would be of bebfit, as for parts we import all parts and are quite accustomed t having to wait.

Check out this URL:

There are several makers of lift kits represented. If it’s not there, the PT Cruiser lift kit probably doesn’t exist. All I saw were suspension lowering kits.

Thanks very much

This is NOT a car I would consider taking to a place that is going to inflict a lot of punishment to the vehicle. These are NOT considered reliable vehicles…They’re just reshaped Neons.