PT Cruiser Transmission Cable

I own a 2001 PT Cruiser (which by the way has extremely reliable). I took it in to a local mechanic to see if he could diagnose some recent sluggishness, and in doing he said that a cable to the manual transmission was loose. He showed me where it was holding on but not secured to a peg, and he said it needed a grommet. That looked like a $10 repair to me, labor included, but he said he had to replace the whole cable for over $400. This is the first time I’ve tried this mechanic. Does anyone know if this happens on the PT Cruisers?

You can in fact get these bushings, Booger bushing.

Thanks! That photos says “do your bushing look like this” and in fact that’s exactly what they look like. So does this confirm that the bushing can be replaced without pulling the entire cable?

It sure looks that way.

I like the pretty red ones. ;o)

Yet yellow might complement some of the yellow plastic thingies already in the engine compartment. :0

Thanks again for the GREAT tip!

your welcome :slight_smile:

Just curious: What is this cables function? Part of the shift mechanism? Went to the site and looked,I guess I would have used the word “linkage”

I guess so. I’m showing my ignorance. If I posted again, I’d use the term “shifter cable” (and also “bushing” instead of “grommet”). I’d never new there even were such cables – there is a photo on the web site that americar gave in the posting above. It has something to do with the manual transmission.