PT Cruiser Gas Mileage


I was listening to show #739 where the 85 year-old lady called in to complain about the PT Cruiser getting only 13 MPG. I called my daughter’s boyfriend, who has actually owned 2 PTs. Both averaged about 25 MPG. I thought that 13 was too low. I’m getting 20 in an Explorer!



Is there a question somewhere in there?


I guess that if it is driven at 13 MPH then it would get 13 MPG. Mile long trips get awful mileage. I knew an oler woman in her 70’s who took five minutes to back out of the parking space. I could do it in two. Bad mileage that way.


But is yours a Tuuuuuuuurbo?


Anyone I’ve seen who drives a turbo PT Cruiser never gets the engine above 3000rpms… they’re all old ladies…


Didja ever see the “Barry-bolt-on” kits you can get for a PT Cruiser? Oh my freakin’ God! I laugh every time I see a PT Cruiser with phony plastic “chrome” everything.