PT Cruiser Auto Trans Leak

I own a 2005 PT Cruiser Conv. with an auto trans and 52,000 miles.

The car has been very reliable and the only repars have been a tune up, tires, and front wheel bearings.

Over the past 6 months it has developed a transmission leak. I have traced the leak to a switch/sensor at the front of the transmission, just above and to the center of the trans pan. Can you tell me what is this switch/sensor; if it’s common for the switch/sensor to leak; it it costly to purchase and can i replace it myself?

It could be either a pressure/temp sensor or the VSS (vehicle speed sensor)).

There are two transmissions available in the 2005 PT chassis. The 40TE-AE and the 41TE

Here’s the 41TE:

Allegedly, both transmissions are externally identical.