PT Cruiser Air Bag, Heat Fan, Windows don't work

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

2.4, manual trans

About 70,000 miles

I got in my car the other day and the airbag light came on, the windows don’t work, and the heat fan won’t blow (bad for defrosting in the Wisconsin winter!). I read an article on another site that made it sound like the ignition switch needs to be replaced. I had my buddy replace it, but it didn’t do the trick. Any other ideas? I should probably also note that sometimes when I start the car, the key doesn’t bounce back where is us supposed to, and I need to turn it back a bit to get the radio and other electronics to work.

If you believe this could be an ignition problem, please also let me know if it would force me to get new keys. I hear that’s expensive.

Thanks in advance!

Bill from Milwaukee

Maybe you just have a blown fuse…

Yeah, we checked those, too. No dice. Oddly enough, once in a while everything will work when I turn it on. That’s the strangest thing about it.


When you said you replaced the ignition switch did you mean were you put the key in or is it the actual switch with wires that should connect to your fuse box? Just wondering.

It was the black box with electric connectors. I’ll attach a similar picture to this post.