Psycho car



I have an '01 Chevy Blazer. I recently had the 4WD fixed and ever since it has been making a sound like cardboard in tires spokes. This morning it was running fine for about 20 minutes when the ABS and Brake lights came on, the speedometer stopped working and my RPM’s were revving up really bad. I have talked to many people about this issue and no one is giving my a answer as to what the problem is. I have already had to replace the transmission and the heater core and I am getting really sick of fixing this car. Any questions would be appreciated.


What about the 4WD was fixed? How long ago was the transmission replaced?

What you are describing is almost certainly issues with speed sensors. Your wheels have speed sensors that the ABS system uses, and there is a vehicle speed sensor that plugs into your transmission and the car’s computer needs that for all sorts of things including the speedometer & transmission management (probably connection to RPMs). I don’t know enough about the Blazer system to say if or how these sensors communicate with each other.

You need to take this back to the shop that worked on the 4WD system recently and give them the symptoms. It is likely that something(s) did not go back together quite right when that work was done.


The transmission was replaced Sept.1st of '09 and when they (family member worked on the car…supposedly knows what they are doing) fixed that issue they said that the boot needed replaced so they removed the front drive line and put on a new boot and U-joints, that wasnt put back on until about 2 weeks ago. That was when the car started making all the strange sounds.