Prof in Toronto

Please - Toronto is not nearly as cold as you guys suggested to the poor woman. Toronto is on Lake Ontario - so the Lake keeps things much warmer than the degrees north would suggest. So - not much colder than Boston, really…just a later spring. You are right, she does need snow tires and she does need to learn to drive in snow and ice – but a block heater – not likely - long underware? Only if she wants to play hockey :wink: And – I’ll bet there are tire dealers in Toronto that will store her summer tires so she won’t have to keep them in her apt :wink: thanks for a great show…and lots of laughs -

I feel like they totally missed the mark on this one!

Yes, snow tires are a smart idea, and yes, you should definitely learn how to drive in the snow, but a block heater? That’s the best they could do?!

There are a lot of other things that will make you a safe and prepared winter/snow driver- like having a snow kit in your car! Keep a shovel, a blanket, some boots and some jumper cables in your car.

Otherwise- Great show!

Toronto may not be much colder than Boston, but if I recall correctly, the caller was moving from Atlanta and was originally from Texas. Atlanta gets wintry spells, but in general is much milder than the northern US during the winter. So for the caller it may well be a very big change.