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Driving from Boston to Quebec City

I live in Boston and am headed to Quebec City for a few days over Christmas. Though not surprised, I was alarmed to find out how much colder it is up in the Great White North than in the Northeast (10F vs. 35F). Will I need to add chains to my tires if I’m driving on main roads or get will I need some extreme anti freeze to keep my car from dying on vacation? Does anyone have general recommendations for winter car safety in Quebec?

All help is appreciated.

If you LIVE there, you will need winter tires, which became law this year. Since you are only visiting, there are no special preparations. Your engine coolant is good for -40F/C if it is up to strength, and normal windshield washer fluid will do. I’m assumimg your battery is up to snuff; you could have a load test done on ir if it’s old.

If for some reason your service station has put 10W30 oil in your car, I would change that to 5W30. Quebec City is not the end of the world; some areas of New England are just as cold.

Having lived in that area in the past, warm personal clothing is more imortant if you are going to spend time outside. Skiing at Lac Beauport, just North of the city can get prestty cold.

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the Joie de Vivre!