Problems with ball joint/Control arm

I believe most new vehicles coming from the manufacture do not have zerk fittings.
Alot of aftermarket ball joints do have them. but it depends on the manufacture and if there is enough clearance on the vehicle to fit one.


I’m not sure about ownership

All I know is that I personally haven’t had great luck withe parts sold under the Mevotech brand name . . . after a few years the parts were SHOT


I’ve also seen online new Moog vs old Moog. New Moog had plastic bearing, old had metal bearing.

Huh, my moog tie rod end that broke in two was 20 years ago. Had they transitioned to el cheapo that long ago?

I remember the day well. I had a meeting with a sales rep that I just changed the location to a nearby cafe while the car was being fixed. But worse had an afternoon house closing 50 miles away at home. I was happy to pay for a quick towing and repair.