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Problem with my oil change

Hi there. I recently changed the oil, oil filter, and air filter myself on my 2006 Subaru Outback (~16,000 miles. Now when press the gas it’s almost as if its in neutral and has no power. What gives?



Uh-oh… what did the oil look like that came out? Was it red by any chance?

On some Subarus it is very easy to accidentally drain out the transmission fluid instead of the engine oil, as many a young quick-lube employee has learned. You need to check your oil and transmission fluid immediately because having too little transmission fluid and too much oil are both very bad for your car.

I agree 100% with Greasy Jack. If your transmission is dry and/or if your oil dipstick shows that the engine is overfilled with oil, DO NOT drive the car until the situation has been rectified. Otherwise you will definitely destroy the transmission and may damage the engine.

If our theory is correct, that you drained the transmission, rather than the engine’s crankcase, and that as a result the transmission is dry and the engine is grossly overfilled with oil, then your cost-cutting DIY maintenance has the potential to cost you several thousand dollars for repairs that would not be covered by warranty.

Yep, another one down. You drained the transmission oil and added a double dose of oil to the engine. Not only won’t you go anywhere, the engine will be smoking like crazy. Drain the engine oil this time, and put fresh in, then add trans fluid to the transmission.

You drained the transmission oil! Check the level, if really low or empty refill and don’t tell the dealer :slight_smile: