Problem with 2002 Altima

Im driving, then the gas just drops, the car slows to a stop but will still give a 10 mph cruse, the lights, head lights dim to nothing, finally i have to pull over cus it wont go ne more. I kill it, then i wont start up. Some one can jump it off and starts right up. It may drive right for a few miles, or just 30 feet then do it again. Brand new battery??? Everyone says its not the altenator, maybe a regulator or sensor? This is all greek to me… please help, i know nothing about cars. its a 2002 Altima

Please someone help!

Slow down. Its just a discussion board. People just kind of come through here and there. There’s no “staff” sitting someplace to hold instant chat sessions or something.

You need either a new alternator and/or new main power cables, cleaned connections, etc.

I don’t know who “everyone” is who says its not the alternator. But it is.

Sorry for the rant, but my girl told me to come here… Ive never been here. But thanks man, i fig it was the alternator. Ill have it checked and see. Thanks again.

Many auto parts stores will just hook it & check it for free. You can also do a quick check if you have a voltmeter. Just pop the meter leads on the battery w/ the car running and see what you get. It should be something like 13-15V. If you don’t get that at the battery, then go measure directly at the alternator connectors. If you have 13-15V at the alternator, but not at the battery then you’re looking at bad cables in between. While you’re doing this put some load on it (e.g. headlights, blower fan…) If the alternator can’t keep putting out better than 13V then replace it.

If you do this and it all looks good, then have someone pop it on a load testing machine. Either way.

Ok, thanks, ima go try that. Ill let you know how it runs out. Thanks again

So i checked the alt and battery , everything is charging good at around 13.57V even with headlights on. Shit, i dont know now. next door man said maybe a clogged fule filter, but why would that drain the headlights and all lights and everyting??? Maybe i can get it to autozone and have them hook it up

Check the cables to make sure they are not corroded. You need to check the ends at the battery, the starter and the alternator.

How many miles are on it?

Is the check engine light on?

There’s a main power feed someplace, probably off of the battery to a main junction box under the hood. Its full of relays and fuses. Inspect the power feed that goes there for corrosion, tightness, etc. Check the resistance of that wire, preferably while the car is all warmed up.

139000 miles, and yes, the Service Engin Soon light is on. ill go check the connections, be back to let you know. Thanks for all your help too.

You need to get the error codes read out of the computer. Big box auto parts stores usually do this for free. The codes look like “P1234.” Get them read and post them in that exact form.

Ok here is what auto zone computer read out said:

Troubleshooting P0731
OEM Brand: Nissan

Auto trans 1st gear malfunction
Probable Cause
-Low fluid level condition
-Open or short circuit condition
-Check for poor connection
-Failed Solenoid

Then there was another one:
Troubleshooting P0732
OEM Brand: Nissan

Auto trans 2nd gear malfunction
Probable Cause
-Low fluid level condition
-Open or short circuit condition
-Check for poor connection
-Failed Solenoid

Have no clue what any of this means!

Back up to your original description of the car losing power and then shutting it down. Skip the bits about dimming lights and all that for now.

When the car does this, what is the engine doing? Does rev up really high, but no matter how high you rev it just won’t go? Or are you pressing on the gas and nothing is happening? The car just coasts along?

After you shut it down and it won’t start, what is is doing? Are you turning the key and nothing is happening? Or maybe its just cranks really weakly and tired sounding? (I’m assuming the car is in park or neutral at this point). Or you turn the key and it cranks over just fine but won’t actually fire up and run?

The engine does not rev, it just coast, no matter how much i press the gas pedal.
When I kill it, it does 1 of 2 things. Either a weak churump then nothing, or it will tick tick tick realy fast.

If some one comes and jumps me off, it fires right up, but its a 50% its going to run right, or run like its geting 5% gas, then itll kill.

I have a charger on it now, and it says it was at 74% charged, steadly going up, its at 79% now with only a 12V charge. it says it has to be at 12.8 or more V to be fully charged…

I think that you have two separate problems, and I still think your primary one is a battery/charging system problem. If your alternator was putting out 13+V but your battery is now partly dead, this leaves a good chance that the battery you got for it was defective. Either that or your alternator has an intermittent issue that you didn’t pick up when you went to check it. And/or you have issues with the main cables. You may just have to take it to someone.

After you get that figured out it will need to go to a transmission shop for an evaluation. Have you checked the transmission fluid lately?

I hear you, i think its a couple issues myself. Im going to finish charging the battery. Then in the morning im going to take it to the mechanic Tommy here in Watson LA, he’s pretty honest, have him just check it out and see exactly what the problem is.

Yes i have checked the transmission fluid and it was good. Man, I thank you for all you’ve helped me with. And i will be sure to let you know what is was when the problem is solved. I promise. And thank you again!!!