Problem starting vehicle



Any advice?

As soon as my engine turns over it immediately turns off.

I turn on the car and sounds fine for about 2 sec. then immediately shuts down.


Car type, engine, year, milage?


Vehicle is a 97 Old Achieva
4 cyl
4 door
135k miles


The ignition switch may have a bad contact at ON position. It can be checked with a voltmeter.
The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor may be disconnected, have a poor connection, or the sensor, itself, may be dirty. Reconnect. Disconnect and reconnect the electrical plug to the MAF. Clean the MAF sensor with a MAF sensor spray cleaner.


where would the MAF sensor be located so I can clean?
Also, I do have a voltmeter & would like to test the switch, Where should I start?
Thanks in advance


Does it have a thief shutoff?


The MAF Sensor is inside the black plastic intake tube, just after the air filter. While in there, use a carb and throttle body spray cleaner in the throttle bore and throttle plate, and to clean the iac (idle air control) valve pintle and air passage.

A Chilton’s, or Haynes, repair manual could save you a lot of time, effort, and money. Try it. You’ll like it!


I cannot find a manual for my Acheiva


I am using a Viper alarm system


The Haynes Repair Manual for your Achieva is under GENERAL MOTORS, Buick Skylark & Somerset, Oldsmobile Achieva & Calais and Pontiac Grand Am all models '85 thru '98 book number 38025. Look for it at your favorite auto parts store, public library, or at a used book store.


It could be a defective oil pressure switch. The switch is used to protect the engine from damage in case there is a loss of oil pressure. The switch will shut down the fuel pump.

A fuel pressure gauge needs to be installed to see what is happening with the fuel pressure.


Idle air control valve could be defective/stuck.