Problem of Ford 1.9 & 2.0 Liter SOHC dropping Intake Valve Seats

Problem of Ford 1.9 & 2.0 Liter SOHC dropping Intake Valve Seats

Does anybody have any idea as to why the SOHC 1.9 & 2.0 enginess have a tendency to drop intake valve seats? I have a 2000 Focus that lost an engine to that very problem and its second engine appears to have done the same thing, but is still running (poorly and with a lot of noise).

My 2000 Focus droped a seat in the #4 cyl. so I understand your anguish. this web site has the information you are looking for. I hope this helps!! Jim N. Clay Center Kansas

I’ve lost 2 Escort engines to that.

If yours is still running the whole engine might not be wrecked yet - but it will be wrecked if you keep going. Once the seat goes completely chunks of it thrash around beating up the cylinders and pistons. The chunks can get sucked up the intake to also damage other cylinders. If you catch it soon enough you could either a) have someone pull the head and redo the valve seats or b) this is a common enough problem that you can buy ready to install rebuilt heads while returning yours as a core exchange.

If you are capable of pulling and installing the head it is a fairly economical solution - probably costs less that a new set of tires.

I had a 2000 Focus,that had the same problem(it was very well maintained too) we bought it new and it had a myraid of other problems also-probaly the worst car I have ever owned
(went back to used Hondas-been satisfied ever since)-Kevin

It just so happens that it was also the #4 cylinder on my Focus that this happened to.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had that happen. The only difference is, the first time, I had to have the engine replaced (it sent the #2 connecting rod through the oil pan, destroyed the piston and cylinder, while leaving all kind of shrapnel in the pan and on my driveway). The second time it happened, I was able to salvage the engine by installing a remanufactured cylinder head and and a piston (from my old engine). The car runs pretty good.

Even though I did all that work myself, I don’t want to go through that again and if I do buy another Focus, it will be one with the DOHC engine (these don’t have that problem).