2000 Ford Focus Engine Problems

It is my understanding that the 2.0 Liter, SOHC engine is notorious for having problems that result in engine failure.

What is the most likely thing to go bad on them?

I had a 1993 Escort with the 1.9 in it and it was still running strong after over 222K and then I had a 1997 Escort with a 2.0 SOHC and the worst thing that happened to it was I had a valve lifter go bad on it. I had about 170K on that car before I got rid of it.

Thank you.

Marky B

A trusty reliability ratings website indicates that the differential pressure feedback EGR sensor is prone to failure. Also the fuel pump is known to fail, but is covered by a recall, 03N01. No mention of widespread engine failures. I also had a reliable Escort, it was an '89 that I drove for 300k miles before I sold it. Only problem was a little oil leak, but hey, all Ford products start leaking oil at some point!

All cars will develop leaks of one kind or another at some point. I know of a 1991 Chevy van that went over 500K before it blew a head gasket (and, I think its tranny was starting to go). This happened when it was 10 years old. This vehicle had regular maintenance on it.

I have a 2000 Ford Focus, and it started making a terrible noise in the engine. When I went to a garage and told them about the noise they immediately said, “Probably dropped a valve seat.” That is exactly what did happen. It must be a common problem if the dealer knows what is broke without even looking at it.

It is my understanding that the late 90s / early '00 2 liters apparently do have a nasty habit of dropping valve seats, as noted in a previous post.

My '97 Escort is going great at 220K - BUT at about 140K the engine failed (I put a used one in it) - I never got a true diagnosis, but having learned more by now, I’m guessing it was a valve seat.

But, there are other problems that might seem bad but aren’t. I recently thought my used engine was about to go (it was behaving oddly), but it turned out to be a chunk of loose carbon that was occasionally hanging up a valve.

If you have the '00 prepare for the worst, but assume the best and look for simpler things first.