Problem in slow moving traffic!

hi all. i have a corolla 2011, 1.8 auto transmission GCC specified car in UAE
i am facing a problem when i slow my car at a signal or traffic, before getting to complete stop. my car pushes a little bit forward before getting to a complete stop, and it can be noticed only if the AC is on. Without ac, the braking is smooth.

i change my engine oil and filters at regular 5000km, coolant is full , brake oil is full, ATF (transmission fluid) is red color with sweet smell.

i have replaced my front wheel brake pads recently, but i had this problem before this.
i thought this problem was caused by the brake pads, but i still have the problem. it’s really annoying in slow moving traffic. In Dubai, it’s always slow moving traffic.

i had shown this problem to the dealer, and they charged me 250dhs for cleaning the throttle body. on the day it was done, i didn’t have the problem. i drove almost 20 minutes and didn’t see the problem, and i headed home. but after running, like 30km, i got into traffic and started feeling the issue again.

I am really depressed because of this problem.
please, i need advice.