Problem gaining speed

I currently have a Honda civil 1.5 vtec, R reg, 65k on clock when purchased.

Since having the car im under he impression it should be faster. This might sound silly but for a 1.5 engine id presume it would at least hit 100mph, in great conditions, but this doesn’t seem the case. At a push i can get it to hit a maxium of 90mph, and thats with perfect conditions, flat road, little wind resistance.

With 2 extra passengers in the car it will really stuggle past 60mph (which is something no one wants when changing lane on a highway/motorway.

Sometimes when im driving alone, it can get stuck at 40mph (on a road with a sligh incline)

Im not sure if its just me being over dramatic or a speed freak, but for a 1.5 engine i would expect a better performance.

So now im just left wondering weather there could be any mechanical faults at blame for crappy perormace?

What year and transmission type? Also, and I have to ask this, does it actually say VTEC on the engine? For some reason it seems very popular to slap a VTEC sticker on a non-VTEC Honda (or even a non-Honda!).

There’s any number of issues that could be causing this-- what it sounds like to me, assuming an automatic, is that perhaps the transmission isn’t downshifting properly. What does the tachometer say when you get stuck at 40mph or are having trouble passing? The kickdown on this car should be really sensitive, since a responsive transmission is how smaller cars typically compensate for having a less torquey engine.

I don’t know anything about Honda Civics, but could it be something as simple as a partially clogged fuel filter? Look in your service manual to see if there is recommended change interval on the fuel filter.

What you are reporting is clearly abnormal. Start with the basics: Is routine maintenance (spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter PCV valve, etc.) up to date? How is your fuel economy? How many miles are on the car now? Is the “Check Engine” light on?

Keep in mind that this is not a car that is known for being particularly fast, even in Si trim. And a 1.5L engine is not going to be putting out alot of power without forced induction. With that said, it should be able to maintain highway speeds without trouble. Have the on-board diagnostics scanned to see if there are any fault codes stored. The car may need a tune up as well, don’t believe it when they say “This car can go 100k miles without a tune up.” The cat converter could be plugged as well, but it would be unusual for a car with 65k miles.

My civic is manual transmission, doesn’t say vtec on the engine, specifically its a Honda Civic 1.5i LS.

It has crossed my mind that it may be something to do with fuel efficiency, such as the fuel filter, so i guess it would be worth getting that checked out. I purchased that car September 07 and up until then it was routinely serviced. As far as im aware the check engine light isn’t on, and where fule economy is concerned i don’t feel consumption is anything less or more than out of the ordinary.

There is one more thing though, sometimes when im driving along the car will suddenly accelerate faster and gain power, like a sudden fule surge/injection. Im not sure if this is normal tho, i have always presumed so.

And yes a tune up has also crossed my mind, ill look into that too.

There is one more thing though, sometimes when im driving along the car will suddenly accelerate faster and gain power, like a sudden fule surge/injection. Im not sure if this is normal tho, i have always presumed so.

No, this is NOT normal. The TPS (throttle position sensor) may be bad, along with other problems. Has anyone tried to diagnose (in person, not here!) what’s wrong?

Until you add the little after though about surging, I was going to suggest a clogged cat converter, but assuming the two things are connected, which they may not be, I would go for the the TPS  that NYBo suggested.

Some of this sounds like you need an alignment of all four wheels. Tie rod could be worn too. The power surge reminds me of O2 sensor problems.

Yesterday i put my car put through a diagnostic check and they found that the exhust back box was blocked (with the hair strand stuff, usually found some where in your exaust, im no mechanic). Anyways, they got as much out as possible and now my car runs 200% better, top performance, although i do need to replace my back box, so im going for a perfomance muffler/backbox instead.

Thanks for all your input, if it wasent i would probably still be sittin here thinkin it was all my in head.