Private Party Vehicles of West Bridgewater..anyone know them?

Hi…I’m currently selling a 2001 BMW on, and was contacted by Private Party Vehicles in West Bridgewater. The sales man said they buy and sell high end vehicles to private parties, providing financing, etc. to the buyer, and said they can get ‘retail’ (not the 'asking price, or private party sale price) for the car and pass it on to the seller.

I’ve never heard of them, but all I keep getting calls from is places just like them…a car broker, like a real estate broker. Their services cost money, but I can’t tell if this is a scam. If they are legit, I want to check them out.

Does anyone have any experience with Private Party Vehicles of West Bridgewater, or other car brokers?

I bet it’s a scam. I wouldn’t sell your vehicle to any dealer, but only to a properly financed private individual. Besides, if they can sell a car at above ‘retail’ price, you can too. Also, I imagine their idea of the retail price is about 5-10% less than it really is - that is, they give you less money for your car than it’s actually worth.

I got several phone calls from someone claiming to be from national auto a couple years ago. I paid $60 to advertise on, they said they’d help me sell my car for only $499, with a refund of my cost minus $99 listing fee. after the 4th call, I told them I keep saying no and felt harassed, and if they called again, I’d press charges. Hell, last month I got a phone call from some place in Michigan(looked the number up on which was automated of all things(if you want to talk to a real person, press 1, etc.).
It’s a scam, plain as day.

I don’t know anything about this outfit but a quick look at their site mentions listing fees of 250 (quick sale) to 750 dollars and then some.
What is not mentioned is if you get your fees back if the car does not sell.

There was an outfit like this around here and they went belly-up about 5 years ago. I received flyers in the mail and from reading the fine print they were going to get their money even if you did not get yours.
This outfit would even go over your car and repair anything that they found or a potential customer found and bill you accordingly.

Personally, I would avoid any operation like this.

West Bridgewater, MA? Google them and see what you find. Also, contact the West Bridgewater Chamber of Commerce or the West Bridgewater government to see if they have a record of the company.