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Prius traction Control

My 07 Prius recently started to get a traction control warning and loss of power on smooth, dry roads at 65mph on an interstate highway… Thank God there was enough space between us and the 80,000 lb truck behind us… As we slowed the warning abated and power was restored. BUT, the car will not maintain 65 mph without this recurring. Toyota has not been helpful. Nothing stored on the pcu indicates what may have occurred. HELP?

I am wondering and realize I’m throwing…against the wall; if your brake system, pads or fluid needs attention. The loss of power is this system cutting power from the motor (s). Or, Unequal tire diameter may as well if you travel at higher speeds could cause the wheels to spin enough at different rates to activate the system ? Check for unequal tire pressure and tire wear in all wheels. These are just guesses before you should take it in ASAP, to have it evaluated. Did you actually take the car into Toyota or just ask them ?

@WignnutCoates the engine control module won’t have stored codes related to traction control.

You need to retrieve fault codes from the brake/traction control module. Find a code reader or scanner that does Toyota brakes.