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Prius starting at altitude

We bought a new Prius in 2002; it now has 95,000 miles and is up to date on all recommended services. It is normally garaged at sea level. We have taken it to 5000 feet many times with no problems. This past May we took it on a trip to 5000 + feet, drove around the area and then parked it for an overnight stay. The next morning the gas engine would not start. There were three fault icons illuminated on the dashboard. We had it towed to the nearest Toyota dealer and the Prius expert said the altitude compensator was probably malfunctioning. He said he cleaned and serviced the altitude compensator, cleared the codes and the engine started just fine. He said the codes found on his diagnostic checker had nothing to do with the gas engine not starting. We drove the car around the area all that day and then parked over night and again the next morning the gas engine would not start and the same codes appeared on the dashboard. We had the car towed to the same dealer and again he could find no codes that should have prevented the gas engine from starting. He cleared the codes and all was fine again. I put gas in the car and we drove it around the area for the rest of the day and then back home with no more problems. Our local Prius dealer could not give an explanation of what happened and since there were no codes listed he couldn?t help us. Has any body had the same problem or any ideas what happened?



Perhaps the gas at 5000 feet has a different additive at altitude.

TSB EG011-03. I feel that we have had this conversation recently here. But maybe it wasn’t you?


Yep, DAS, same person, same post. You can check it out by clicking on: Posted by: daveldobson.

What were the codes that were there?