Prius Radio Static

My new 2010 Prius’s radio gets more static than I would expect. I had it replaced immediately after I recognized this problem and the replacement has the identical problem. Is this a cheap radio or does it have something to do with the complex electrical system of the Prius? Has anyone else had this problem?

loose antenna connection? nothing to do with the car being a hybrid.

Unlikely. Was checked by the dealer, who replaced the original after checking that one thoroughly and finding nothing amiss.

Is there any static with the car “off”?Key in ACCY?

First part, yes. Second part, what is ACCY?

I don’t think the Prius has an ACC position. It uses a power button.

By pushing the power button but not putting your foot on the brake you can turn on the battery to listen to the radio without turning the motor on, which is the equivalent of what you do in a "key car.’

That makes sense.