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Prius problem

Today when I am driving the 2007 Prius, suddenly heard some noise. I managed to come home and checked. There is a black plastic piece hanging and touch the ground, the noise was from this black plastic piece touching the ground. Attached is the picture.

Is this a big problem? Can I continue to drive the car to repair shop to get this fixed?

It’s hard to tell where that’s at on the car. Is it below a door? Looks like some sort or trim piece, but I really can’t tell.

It looks like wheel opening trim off another car stuck to the bottom of yours but this picture doesn’t offer much.

The edge is ground off. Noway to fix it. Replace it. U can use some duct tape and attach it to body to drive to shop than it won’t catch a bump in road and rip off with a bang.

So buy a tube of black silicone silastic at any parts store and glue it back on.

From the way it sits and the location, it’s hard to tell if it is off of your car…or you ran this over and it got wedged under the car.
I once had a large branch drop into the road. I couldn’t stop in time and I couldn’t swerve to avoid it because of oncoming traffic. I had to drive up onto a curb to get the vehicle hight enough to pull it out. Then I had to chop at it to even get it loose.

I’d just drive to a shop and have them remove it.


Tell us where on the car it is. Also, a better picture would help.