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Prius multifunction display unit whacko!CD Player broken x 3!

My O4 Prius is sick. (Out of warranty, 107K) The “multifunction display unit” (computer that runs the touch screen and steering wheel controls for audio, climate control, GPS, energy displays, etc.) has gone whacko. I am going whacko also because Toyota is telling me they will do me a favor and put in a “refurbished” one (?!) for 50% off costing me a mere $550.The fact that they are offering a factory refurbished replacement says to me this is not an uncommon problem.The unit has to be repaired soon as I cannot access my defrosters any other way.

The CD player is broken for the third time and this will be another $500 (mostly labor as the dashboard has to be removed in the process.)

Anyone else have these issues? How did you deal with them? To make it worse Toyota does not work on audio. The two repairs involve two different shops, so more time out of commission.

Thanks for the feedback!

Unhappy in NC

The Prius is still a car,you did not purchase a ticket out of the real world when you bought one.These are normal car problems,why should the Prius be immune?