Prius Inactivity

How should I maintain my Prius while I am away for about four months? Any suggestions will be most welcomed. Thank you all -

You’ll want to have somebody drive it periodically, maybe once a week. Longterm inactivity is bad for the battery. What does your manual say?

I would leave it with 1/2 tank of gas and ask a friend to take it for a 20 minute drive once every 7-10 days. The drive should include 60% path with a lot of stop and go and turns. The remainder, a brief few miles at high speed. 50-70 mph.

The stop and go will work the brakes and keep the rotors from accumulating rust.
The turns will keep the steering components lubricated so nothing starts to sieze up.
The High speed will just run the vehicle thru it’s paces and let it gat up to normal opperating temps.
When you return fill the tank with fresh gas and everything should be fine.