Prius Diagnostic Codes

I need to get my 2002 Toyota Prius inspected. The Warning/check engine light came on so I ran a diagnostic (OBDII) on it and came up with P3006 Fuel Air Metering Auxillary Emission controls. What does this mean? Previously codes indicating cylinder misfire came up but those cleared.

DTC P3006 Battery state of charge uneven. This indicates a problem with the battery pack or battery ECU. With the age of this vehicle I think you’ll find some failing cells in the battery pack.

Thank you! I got the prius battery replaced in April 2013 however, I’ve recently experienced two breakdowns in the middle of the road. I think the car shut off because the battery overheated…the warning light came on and then the car just shut down. I waited about 10 minutes each time before turning the car back on and it successfully turned on. Ran a diagnostic when I got home and it read the same codes (Cylinder Misfire and Fuel Air Metering Auxillary Emission Controls). Could there be a faulty cell in the new battery?

Is the replacement battery new or refurbished? If new, there should be a warranty that is still in effect. Even if refurbished, there might be a warranty that still applies after 3 months.