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Prius Batteries

Hi Folks,

I have a 2006 Prius with about 170k on the odo. I’d like to drive this into the ground, and maybe further! :slight_smile: Here’s my question. What have you guys heard about the most affordable route to replace cells and batteries, when the time comes-- I bet it’s coming soon for me, and I’d like like to avoid being tagged with a four-figure tab from the dealer, if possible.

Thanks. Any suggestions or leads welcome!

Google ‘Prius battery rebuild’ and read away. Also join Priuschat, lots of discussions there about all things Prius.

The directions are online, but require buying a used pack from a wrecked car. With that said you might as well just use the “new” used pack if that is the case, and keep yours for parts.

Some of the batteries last way longer than you would expect. Consumer Reports checked on am older model Prius and found that it was doing fine. A reasonable expectation for your car is at least four more years. Presidents hope for that but we will see what happens.

Based on what I’ve seen the battery packs usually last about 10 years, regardless of mileage. I doubt you will have to replace yours soon.

Just hope you can find replacement parts.
There’s already a poster on here that’s complaining about his, and a few others’, Prius being stuck at the dealership needing a new battery, but they cannot get any due to supply issues.

So, if you get rid of the car now, you won’t have to worry about replacing the batteries.

There are over a million Prius cars sold and it’s the worl’d third best selling car now. There will plenty of remanufactured batteries when the time comes to replace yours.