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Prius AC problem

My 2005 Prius is having a problem with the AC. It will only blow cold air if the temp is set at MAX COLD. Any other temp setting and it will blow hot air. Really hot air. It makes no difference what the outside or inside temps are. Is there a simple fix for this?
I can control the AC by setting it on Max Cold and changing the fan speed, but I would like for it to work on the auto setting the way it is supposed to.

I would be looking for a local (not a chain) A/C or Radiator shop.  Generally they are cheaper and better than general mechanics.  Try to avoid chain operations, they tend to have problems.

It sounds like an issue with your blend doors, not the AC system it self… May have to take it to a dealership to have it really diagnoses and many mechanics will not touch the Prius.