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Prius 08 verses Nissan Altima 08

I drive 22K per year, mostly highway. Drive off the lot costs of the Prius is 26K and the Altima is $22K. I want comfort and quiet to offset the noise of the boys in the back! I’ve driven Altimas for years and love the style but money talks…130K miles in five years, will I save with the Prius?

120k, figure 30 mpg Altima (4cyl, right?) and 40 mpg prius, 4000 gallons vs. 3000 gallons, 1000 gallons difference, only worth $2000 at $2/gallon, would take $4/gallon to break even. The Altima will be roomier, too.

A great place to compare fuel economy and costs is the EPA’s [i][/i]

Most folks don’t realize the Prius is quite roomy. It is not a compact car. Also, no self respecting Prius gets 40 mpg. Figure at least 5 more. Yes, city driving gets more mpg, but I did a 400 mile highway run 3 weeks ago and averaged 54.2 on my 'o7.

A Prius is not a compact car? Well it isn’t tiny, but it is indeed a compact. An Altima is a much more substantial vehicle. A Prius is more Corolla sized, except it doesn’t have a real trunk. I’m not bashing the Prius, I’ve driven it a lot and love how it drives, but it is on the small side.

You drive highway miles, a Prius gets it’s best mileage in town, get the Altima, or get a diesel car like the new Jetta tdi