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Price of a car

What is a good price for a 1973 Delta 88 with a 455 Rocket engine. It has a straight body. It runs, but needs some work

Robinhood, Do You Walk To Work Or Carry Your Lunch?

This question involves too many variables. It sounds like you want this car. I would say a “good price” is a price that you “feel good” about.


Check somewhere like and see what similar cars are selling for.

Ebay is another good place to look.

The answer is all about the “needs some work” comment. That could mean a beautiful car with complete and perfect interior that needs a good tune up. Or, it could mean a car that has been sitting in a barn for 15 years without running.

After you look at the car see if similar cars are on ebay in the same kind of condition. Check the “completed listings” for these cars to see some actual selling prices. Listed prices are not a good indicator, completed listings tells you what sold and for how much.

… needs some work.

Define “some.” It is really impossible to give you a price for an “average” or “needs some” 1973 car. It is all about condition and condition varies from “I’ll pay you to take it away” to Showroom floor condition.

Best information is Hemmings and that is not near 100% accurate.

Usually the easiest questions to ask are the hardest (or impossible) to answer.

So, it’s a “fixer upper”. That makes any guestimate a real wild guess.

Can you tell us more?