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Prevent steering wheel lock for leather wrap installation?

I’m considering buying a leather steering wheel wrap for my 2012 VW Golf 2.5L which sounds like it involves a rather lengthy installation process as demonstrated in this video (which just shows part 1 of 3):

It looks like it will take a few hours for somebody inexperienced to do this installation and it involves frequent wheel rotation. If the engine isn’t running the steering wheel locks when rotated, so I’m wondering how this type of installation is normally done.

Turn the key to the unlock position (the one before the Run position). You won’t have power steering assist, but you’ll still be able to turn the wheel.

Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

Or just start the car to provide power steering assist. Of course several hours of idling would be excessive. Maybe just be satisfied with the stock steering wheel. I have never owned a VW but every vehicle I have purchased new from 1985 to 2010 has been equipped with a leather wrapped steering wheel.

I’ve put these on without rotating the wheel on more than one vehicle.
But if you feel you need to, I agree with Sarge’s suggestion. Modern engine run very cleanly, and idling for the time you’ll need is totally harmless. You could idle a modern engine in good shape until the tank runs dry without hurting it. By running the engine you’ll also have the power steering to help turn the wheel, as sarge pointed out.

Whg not just buy a pair of leather driving gloves and forget the whole thing? I cheaped out and bought a pair of deer skin work gloves at my local Rural King farm store–works for me.

I dealt with a pretty good auto upholstery shop once and in talking to them said there is only one guy there they trusted with doing wheel covers. It was fussy enough work and not for beginners. Might be worth just having someone experienced do it.

Just for the record…I dislike any sort of steering wheel wrap. I remove them immediately whenever I buy another vehicle that has one installed.