Powertrain battery in a 2004 Prius

What is the cost of replacing the powertrain batter in the 2004 - 2008 Prius?

Anywhere form $1000 to $2000

Toyota expects the Ni-Metal Hydride batteries to last 15 years.
I have a feeling that when the Priuses get older, that people will just run them on the gasoline engine rather than replace the battery pack. If the old battery pack can’t run the all-electric compressor for the A/C, they’ll forgo air conditioning. I don’t know if the battery pack is a must-have for other functions. If it’s not, it could be removed for weight savings and increased gasoline mileage (as a result of the reduced weight).

I recently read that Toyota had reduced the price of the battery pack. If I remember correctly (don’t quote me) it’s now down to around $3,000. It had been more than twice that.

I should be noted that the battery pack is expected to last about 15 years, so you should not need to worry about this any time soon.

I would add that there has been very few reports of anyone needed a replacement. Much to my surprise, it appears that they have done a very good job with engineering reliability in these new technology hybrids.

There some big city taxis over 200,000 miles, and more than one Prius has surpassed 300,000.