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Computer in 1998 Dodge sport caravan

Please let me know where can I find the computer in my 1998 Dodge Sport Caravan. 3.3 l, V6.

If your looking for the (pcm)powertrain control module you have to remove the batt. and pull up the pdc and rotate it out of the way there are two 40 pin connectors on the pcm and three bolts that hold it in.

This is the same as the ECM? Tha’s what I looking for.

Yes, there are several names for the engine computer: ECM, PCM, etc. The difference names will contain an E for Engine: ECM Engine Control Module (computer).

There is also a TCM (transmission control module) and BCM (body control module)in your van. What problem are you trying to solve?

I really appreciate your help. So these Control modules are in the same area. I have to take off the broken computer and replace the new one.