Power steering


just put power steering on my 72 torino and now it steeres on its own

Like Knight Rider’s car?

no not like knight riders car but has been called a demon car steers hard left and then hard right sitting in park

Does it steer itself correctly? If so, you’ve invented the self-steering car, and you could become a millionaire, or maybe a billionaire.

Think about it; there are millions of drivers who’d rather talk on their cell phones or send text messages than worry about steering their cars. They’d all LOVE your invention.

If you have a self-steering car you’ve solved one of our most perplexing problems.

I suggest you keep this under your hat and call a patent attorney.

Cars don’t “steer” one way of the other when in park. Park means the vehicle is stationary. Not moving.

Are you saying the steering wheel moves on its own, even when the car is not being driven?

You’re not giving us enough information. Be as specific as possible.

i wish it steered corect but it dont cant even back up 2 feet and cant make it go opposite of what it wants

When you installed the power steering, did you also change out the manual steering gear for a power steering gear?


I’m curious. On my '64 Fairlane the power steering was simply a pump, a proportional valve integrated into the steering box, and a hydraulic ram (looks sort of like a shock absorber with a skinny shaft) connected to the tierod. It this the type of system you installed?

this car had power steering just put on pump

When a power steering pump goes out the debris from the pump can enter the steering gear and damage the seals on the spool valve in the gear. The hydraulic pressure is then allowed to bypass the seals causing the steering to operate on it’s own.


thank you for your help