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Power steering randomly stops working

My 2010 kia fortes power steering randomly stops working. If I pull over and shut the car off and restart the car the power steering works again. This started at 68,000 miles on it. any ideas on what could be wrong?

Call the dealer and ask if there are any Technical Service Bulletins for your car related to the electrical power steering system. Here is one that appears to be for your car, related to updated software for the power steering. If the dealer hasn’t done this upgrade already, call and make an appointment with your dealer. They should do it for free. It may solve your problem.

Thank you. The dealer told me it was the steering angle sensor I replaced it and it keeps happening. Now they say I need a steering column. I’m hesitant to do this

Make them do the software update mentioned in that TSB before you pay for any other “repairs” that may or may not solve the problem.

Has the belt which drives the power steering been inspected? It might just need to be replaced, or properly tensioned.

If you live in the rust belt a frozen serpentine belt tensioner can do this.

@George and @oldtimer, this vehicle has electric power steering, not hydraulic, so there is no belt involved.

Electric power steering? Ah, then it should be easier to find the source of the problem I expect. Reference to the car’s shop manual will be necessary. But finding the cause of a non-working electric motor should prove straightforward.



2010/11 MY Forte (TD)

March 2012



This bulletin provides information related to the EPS ECM software upgrade of some EGO equipped 2010/2011 MY Forte (ID) vehicles produced before June 1 2011 which may experience a Malfunction Indicator Lamp illuminated with the EPS (Electric Power Steering or Motor Driven Power Steering) system-related DTC G1290

^ C1290: Torque Sensor Main Signal Fail

I don’t know squat about electric power steering, but on hydraulic power steering, this could be caused by low fluid, which could be caused by a leak. Have you checked your power steering fluid?

The only time I’ve had this happen, the car needed a new steering rack.

@Whitey, electric power steering doesn’t use fluid.

jesmed- Thanks for the info. I have my first car with electric steering. Don’t like it.


What’s your car?

My brother’s 2010 Mazda 3 has electrohydraulic power steering.

The best of both worlds?

Or the worst?

It has a power steering pump and a fluid reservoir. However, the pump is NOT belt driven. It’s tucked away behind the right headlamp. The pump has a control unit somewhere, because my scan tool is able to communicate with it.