Power Steering pump replacement

Getting ready to replace the power steering pump on my 1999 Dodge Durango. I ordered a rebuilt pump from a well known Internet source. When I looked at it I noticed that I can wiggle the shaft in/out by about 2/16 in. The pump I removed from the car has a tight shaft that doesn’t move a hair in or out.

I wonder if someone could confirm that the shaft wiggle on the replacement pump is normal. Replacement is a little messy and I don’t want to do it twice.

Not normal. Do it right the first time.

No idea. I think what I’d do in that situation is take it back to the parts store and have them bring out some more samples of that part. If they all do it, good chance it is just the way they were made during the rebuild process, normal in other words.

He already said he bought it at a well known INTERNET source.

I would go to a local parts store and check out one of their pumps. If theirs doesn’t have that play, I would buy it and call the internet store and tell them you want to return it and why.

Even if they won’t let you return it, the price of a water pump is not enough to make me do the lob twice.

If it’s a Cardone pump, save yourself a lot of grief and just return it and look for a used pump.

Appears the wiggle is normal. Went to a couple of parts store and a dealer and confirmed that a little shaft in/out movement is normal. As a matter fact it is desired to allow for some fluctuation in the event the pump’s pulley does not align with other pulleys a 100%.

Installed the pump and it seems to work fine… for now

Good to know. Hope it’s true. Thanks for the update.