Power Steering Fluid Flush - Toyota

Dropped my Toyota Sienna LE AWD minivan at the dealer this morning for its 60K mile tuneup ($699). Of course, they called and said I need new brake pads ($305) and a “power steering fluid flush” ($140). The brake pads, after 65K miles, I can understand. But a power steering fluid flush? I’ve never heard of such a thing, esp. at 65K miles. They say the p.s. fluid is getting “gunky”. Are they yanking my chain???

I have a 2007 Toyota, and nowhere does the manual call for regular power steering fluid flushes! The only maintenance checks (every 10,000-15,000 miles)are for steering gear play, fluid LEVEL and leaks. This is from the Toyota manual.

It looks lke someone has spotted a gullible pushover; read your manual and tell them you don’t need it.

The dealership just bought a new power steering fluid flushing machine and now they have to find a few gullible Toyota owners to pay for it. You know how to handle these guys now, I’m sure. As for the brake pads, go elsewhere. A typical rate these days seems to be around $99 per axle.

a.k.a. customer wallet flush. These are not needed. Need new fluid? Buy a cheap turkey baster, get out as much of the old as you can, and put in the recommended amount of recommended fluid.