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Power Rear liftgate (rear hatch) 2008 Jeep Commander

My wife loves her Jeep Commander. It has about 6000 miles on it. Since the first two months of ownership we’ve had it in to three different dealers in our area trying to resolve a power door that refuses to open (unless you manually open it). We’ve had the electric latch replaced twice. One dealership thought the air filled pistons which aid in lifting the door weren’t strong enough and those have been replaced.

All dealerships have been reasonably accomodating and so far there has been no expense to us except our own time and the mileage necessary to travel to differnt towns. In our area the nearest dealership is 25 miles away. Has anyone had a similar problem and managed to get it corrected? The door will always close and latch shut OK. So I guess I should be happy about that. Still, it would be nice if the door would work the way it was designed.