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Need to unpack!

We are currently driving home to NY from Florida, and our Chrysler Town & Country’s rear hatch door won’t unlock and open, by key or handle, so our suitcases are trapped in back. Any ideas? We don’t know if there’s an easy fix, but we won’t get home until Sunday, when our mechanic is closed. We’d like to unpack!

On your travels you might stop at a Chrysler dealer. Not sure about your car, but many SUV’s have a plastic frame around the license plate that comes off and may give you access to the latch mechanism.

Find a locksmith while on route is another option.

Do you have a lot of stuff in there ?
It might be…( might be )…that stuff has shifted and is leaning against the hatch pushing enough pressure to restrict the latch operation.
From the outside, push the hatch door inward in an attempt to relieve pressure on the striker, then try to open it.
Try both, locking and un-locking while pressure is being relieved.

I agree with Ken on this one, and it could be a shift in the luggage or simply age, if the vehicle is less than new. My brother has a Jeep Cherokee on which the liftgate will not open unless you push on it while pulling the handle. Feels just like it’s locked, but it’s not. Try pushing on the liftgate while pulling on the handle.

If it has a rear bench, fold it down and lift the luggage over, if it has captian chairs fold one forward and then remove it.
There is no access through the license plate space on these.